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At the dawn of 1985, in a neighborhood of Piraeus, a radio station was created who wanted to change the landscape and go beyond the established standards of radio as we knew it.

The years passed and the experimental – amateur tests, the plenty of shows but also the experience, established the view that all what the listener needs is good music, producers who know the subject of communication, immediacy and love for radio.

And here we are in 2021, making a new beginning via  new technologies and communication channels on the internet, we present RockFever Radio with excellent music from the melodic fairy tale of 1950, the beginning of the people revolution in 1960, of the conscious blockade the Ego’s emotions  and the domination of humanity in 1970, the beginning music’s heroization in 1980, the certain and expected industrialization of the music scene in 1990, until today with Greek and foreign alternative influences from all genres that have been presented until today.

The Alternative Radio of the city came to give wonderful musical moments to all of us.

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